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Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner Affiliate Email Template

Join other Planner users who have found freedom from overload and enjoy more control over their schedules.


As a mother of six, Sue has learned that her day can seldom be scheduled the same as the previous day.  She can’t fit every task of her day into the time slots offered in other planners. Her 2022 Daily Planner is versatile and it helps a homemaker to bring organization to her household. Sue says, “From one child to six, through eleven moves, from toddlers to adult children, to missionary life in Haiti, this flexible planner keeps me on track while allowing me to constantly change from one stage to the next.”

Features include:

§  Two-page Weekly layout with menu planning and to-do list

§  Two-page Month layout

§  Year Calendars with place for notations

§  Perforated Shopping Lists

§  Tasks Lists and Projects & Events Sections

§  Information Section

            My {favorite} section is the Weekly Planning layout.  Under the heading Task List are spaces to write specific duties that need to be done sometime during the week- {phone calls, appointments, balancing the checkbook}, and so on. There are plenty of lines for daily duties, appointments and a place for menu planning. To help find the current week, cut off cleverly marked corners.

        The Monthly Calendar is a place to jot {up-coming events such as church functions, weddings, school activities, appointments, reunions, and holidays, etc.} This {helps me} for weekly planning since {I can see at a glance what will be happening over the next few weeks}.

        The Year Calendar section has a place for basic notations. The 2021 Homemaker’s Friend Planner has an added feature. Additional pages were added to include 52 sections- one for each week. These additional pages are a {place on which to journal or write prayer requests, birthdays, and quotes}.

        The pages in Tasks List section are untitled. {This allows freedom to create monthly, bi-monthly or seasonal lists. I do some gardening and food preservation, so I title one page, Summer Projects. Then make a list of things I want to freeze or preserve}.

        The Projects and Events section is for occasions that need more space for writing. {If planning a baby shower or a family gathering, I keep that information in this section. These pages are untitled for flexibility}.

        The Information section can be used for phone numbers and addresses needed temporarily. {For example, when placing an order, I jot down the number so I won’t need to look it up again}. This is a good place to write addresses for a {card shower or the information for the eye specialist}.

        {I use the perforatedShopping Lists several ways- {Sometimes as comprehensive shopping list and other times as a central location to write the items needed for an upcoming event, project, or menus}. A running shopping list helps me to make the best of a trip to town, whether it is planned or unexpected.

The spiral bound Planner is 5.5 x 8.5. 15.99 + shipping. Quantity pricing available.

Free shipping on orders over 49.00.

BONUS!!! Homemaker’s Depot is offering a Menu Planning Download that coordinates with the 2022 Homemakers Friend Planner! This download is totally free with the purchase of a Planner! ($4.95 value!) The 8.5x11 menu planning worksheets are in full color and include the months December 2021 -December 2022.